The Trendiest Christmas Gifts Under $25

Don't sleep on our hottest Christmas gift guide! With the holidays coming up we have decided to save you the time and the headache of coming up with a gift for your mom, boyfriend, buddy, sister, bestie (or maybe yourself?) with a guide of the cutest and the most stylish gifts on Mad Jade's. And all for under $25. Let's dive right in!

Heart Shaped Pendant Earrings 

Only one word for these earrings- A-DO-RA-BLE! Show some love with these heart shaped dangling earrings and surprise your babe! Check them out here ($18.95).

 Cozy Socks With Colorful Print

We know this guide is for Christmas gifts, but aren't we allowed to dream of Spring yet? If you're with us, check out these adorable and unique socks. Find them here ($14.95).

 Vintage Design Braided Hoop Earrings

These earrings can never go out of style. Perfect for a classy and timeless stunner. Shop here ($18.95).

Unique Evil Eye Hair Claw

Protect your loved from an evil eye with this cute and unique hair claw. Or maybe it's a gift for your lovely self? Check it out here ($19.95). 

 Chunky "Love Me" Ring In Silver

Repeat this like a mantra, love! A perfect gift for literally anyone, isn't it? Get it here ($23.95).

Simple And Elegant Hoop Earrings

You can't go wrong with these babies- they will fit any style and any taste. Find them here ($18.95).

 Big Fluffy Hair Claw (Multiple Colors)

The hair claw trend hasn't gone anywhere. But let's make it winter with these adorable, fuzzy ones. Shop here ($17.95).

 No Pierce Chain Ear Cuffs

Know someone who likes to add a little edge to their look yet still look elegant? These cuffs are perfect a gift for them. Shop here ($24.95).

Brown Beige iPhone Case With A Chain

Who said a phone can't be an accessory? Check out these super cool case (available in two colors) here ($23.95).

 Asymmetric Statement Pendant Earrings

We can already see how perfect these earrings will be for all the holiday parties! Can't wait. Check out the earrings here ($22.95).

 Lemon Shaped Case For AirPods

I think I want to take a bite, it almost looks too real. A great gift for somebody who likes to add a touch of funky to their everyday items. Shop here ($20.95).

So, that about concludes our Christmas guide. Didn't find anything that caught your attention? Check out our accessories, home decor or jewelry collections for more gems. And don't forget- you can use a code NEWHERE15 for 15% off if this is your first order on Mad Jade's! In case you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line via Happy shopping! ❤