10 Fashion Trends For The Year 2023

With the new year right around the corner we have compiled a list of 10 most fabulous and exciting trends for the upcoming season. We think this compilation includes something for every style and every aesthetic- let us know if we're right. Let's dive right in.

1. Purple Hues

A color we are truly excited to see popping up more and more. It's sweet, stylish and in a weird way- really calming. Love it! Picture: @maria_bernad.

2. Luxe Sports Looks

Now this is athleisure taken to the next level. Mixing sports apparel with more luxurious, upscale items is what we're going to see more in the year 2023. And we are so here for it! Picture: by Elle.com.

3. Thigh High Splits
Such a bombshell look- stylish, elegant, mysterious and sexy all rolled into one. Easy to wear it casually as well as for a night out. Sign us up. Picture: Lichi.
4. Utility Clothing
This style has been around for a while and it is not going anywhere. Comfy, edgy, stylish and elegant all at the same time. Both thumbs up, let's keep this one around. Picture: ASOS.
5. Statement Stripes
Good news for timeless fashion lovers- another classic style is here to stay. Dresses, blazers, sweaters- stripes are welcome in all shapes in forms now and will be in the year 2023. Picture: AtlanticPacific.
6. Tassels
Whether it's a small detail on your blazer or an entire tassel skirt- you won't miss wearing it in the upcoming year. Let's do it! Picture: Nylon.
7. Tulle Skirts
Need we say more? A style that can elevate your look from day to night in a second. And vice versa- all depends on how you wear it. Picture: &OtherStories.
8. Gothic Glamour
Black leather, lace, smoky make up- elements of gothic style, but make it more casual glamour. That's the predicted direction of the style for 2023. Picture: theimpression.com.
9. Column Dresses
A very wearable style which is so easy to style. Pair it with leather jackets, blazers, jumpers- take it from night to day and the other way around. Such a versatile style, we are so excited for this one. Picture: marahoffman.com.
10. Baggy Jeans

A super easy way to make your outfit immediately cooler and edgier. For the times when you feel a little over-dressed and you want to take it down a peg. Or you want to make it all casual to run errands? Perfect too. Picture: WhoWhatWear.
Here it is, our favorite picks for the upcoming year. Which one are you the most thrilled about? 
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